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I have loved CoachBuilt Prams ever since I was a little girl.    It was my Mum's fault, she would always be on the look out for a posh, high pram which might be being pushed past our house, many a time she would shout me to come and have a look at whatever  this pram  was   going  past.    We both despised 'low prams' with a vengeance! (I'm  changing  my mind about that  though I  have  to  say!) 

Mum bought my Wilson Egremont  for my first child in 1969, she got it from Nurseryneeds in Longton Stoke-on-Trent.   We used to look forward to  seeing their window change each week and the Egremont really made us gasp in delight when it appeared,  I can promise you.   It had a beautiful red velvet quilt on it and Mum bought that for me too!!

                                                                As you can see I have them both still.

                      A few years ago,  I discovered that there were other people out there who shared my interest in the old prams that I loved so much  and t hings  have   escalated  from there.    My family thought I had really lost it when I told them that I was going to start collecting!

            We have    Prams   for  Sale  on  here,  Pram  Suppliers/Services, Pram  Spares  etc,  and  Well  dressed  prams   among  other   things.    Look   for  the  section  that  you  need on the   left  of  each page  and click on it.   

I hope you enjoy your  visit.

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