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1968 Marmet Queen


A Marmet Queen was on the top of my list of prams to buy.   Somehow I always expected to get a navy blue one, so when I saw this one I was delighted (although I would still love a navy blue one!).   The Queen had very little wrong with it when I bought it, it had been kept for many years in the nursery of a lovely house, so there were no issues of damp or rust.

It  started life as a white pram and the body, presumably because it is wooden, seemed to have faded to a lovely cream, while the chassis was still white.   Because there was not a mark on the body,  I decided to have the chassis powder coated in cream to match.     The body is finished of with triple coachlines in navy blue.


This pram has impressive measurements.    A body measuring 43 1/2 inches in length overall by 21 inches wide.   Height of the hood is 52 inches and length including the handle is 53 1/2 inches.    Wheels sizes are 24 and 20 inch.                              

                     I do like a nice big pram!










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