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Osnath Belgrave

Another wreck of a pram.   I bought just the body,  no chassis, no hood or even a handle!   I must have been mad, but I liked it you see!    Plus it is one of Jack Hampshire's prams (it has his name and number underneath the body, see below) and is on Page 176 of Prams, Mailcarts and Bassinets.   It has come down in the world since it was pictured for the book.   I love the colour and I hope to finish it in the same colour, although some moron was going to spray it navy as you can see,  I am not into graffiti on prams myself!  Everything, but everything needs doing but most of all I want a large chassis for it, capable of taking 24 inch wheels and as luck would have it, I have been offered one today!    Here it is on the chassis to the Osnath Marlborough, which is really too small for it.



This is exactly as I bought it.




One of these days I may be able to show it off on these pages,  here's hoping!



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