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Perambulator   Times 

A friend  of mine,  Beth  Huckstep, is the Editor of this   lovely   little  quarterly magazine,  which  some of you may not have heard of  before.   

Inside  there are all sorts of  things of interest  to pram  lovers, including   poems and  articles  sent in  by  Prammies, photographs,   Wanted  and  For Sale   items,  memberships  etc etc.   There  is  a lot  packed into these   pages and  I  would  seriously  recommend it to any  prammie person.   

Subscriptions (including  postage)  are   £14.50  for  UK,  Europe £17.50,
Rest of  the  World £20.50

If anyone  would like to  subscribe to Perambulator  Times  please   get in touch  with me  and  I   will  forward your  Email Address  to  Beth.



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