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 I  have  a  lovely   40 year old   daughter   who  has   two lovely   children of   19  and  8  years.    Please read Helen's  message  below  and    then   would  you  help  us    please  by   signing  the WHO  petition  -  link below     We  should  all  know   about  this  and  I  had  never  heard  of  it   until   Helen  was   diagnosed,   if   we  don't  know,  how  can   we  catch it  early?  Women  need  telling  about this.  

Thanks  in  advance



Please can I ask my friends to sign this and most importantly learn how to check yourself. I am lucky they caught me but I was miss diagnosed at the beginning, I noticed something different by chance I had never heard of Vulval Cancer or VIN, 7 years down the line I have just as you know had my 8th operation 3 of  those in the last 12 months. It has had a massive effect on myself, my children and my family. I watch my son only a baby and see how scared he is incase his mummy is poorly,... I see my daughter worry herself sick, I see my Damo's face when I tell him it's back, I see all my family worry for me and then I worry for them and for myself I want to see my children grow up into the wonderful adults I know they will be. I want to be there for my parents when they may need me. I want to grow old with my Damo. I don't want anyone else to have to go through this. Please sign and please learn xxx


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