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Fond Memories  of  Wedgwood  2012



Here  are  some  memories of   Wedgwood    2012, please  send in yours   and    allow me  to  add  them to  this list. 





 Hello,  I have  only  been able  to  view the aftermath  of the  events  I  WOULD    enjoy  participating in  if I were   there.  I live  in America  and have  yet  to  venture   to  Britain to  experience  that   beautiful  land. 

 My  wishes   for  a  most  enjoyable  weekend   and the  best  for  everyone  accompany  this  email.


Heidrun (originally  from Germany  but   now living  in  America)






 I  came  over  from  Adelaide Australia  to be  at the  event.  Had  a great   train  ride  up  to Stoke on Trent  and  arrived at the  hotel  in time   to look  out of the  window  and see  folk  arriving with prams,  a great  sight.

Next  day  this  activity   was  even more  exciting  with  lorries,  vans  and  cars  arriving   and  many prams  emerging  ready  to grace  the  museum and  grounds.  For me  it  was a dream  come true  to meet  so many people  I had 'met'  on  a  pram site  and to make  new friends  as w ell.  People  loved  talking  about the  history of their prams  and what  they had  done  to  repair  or  restore  them.


The  stalls  were  full of  interesting  things,   courtyard  full  of  people and prams  and the wonderful  display  of Wedgwood  Prams inside the  glass  case  was  a  backdrop  ti  the  activities   and  displays  of  memorabilia  in the museum  shop.  Someone had  ordered  a  sunny  day  and with the  exception of  a  tiny  shower,  they were  rewarded.


The memories of this  day  will stay  with me  forever  and I  hope  to come again   one day.

I  wish  you all  a   wonderful  day  and  event.



 Lyn  is  a  good friend of mine  and   she was  the  life  and  soul  of the party -  all  weekend -  how many  people  can remember  her    specs?  No  frame  and the  lenses  were in the  shape  of  two  prams!!  I  bet  many of you remember her  now!  


Psst  by  the way,  Lyn  loves  a man in uniform as  well as a pram!  ;-)






 Arriving at the Wedgwood museum last year, sun shining, I watched not a couple but seemingly hundreds of people unpacking objects so confusing and so special to my emotions and eyes, I truly felt I had arrived at the high seat of a strange and wonderful cult I had been selected to belong to.  I called friends and tried to explain the high it was giving me, indeed they thought I'd lost the plot!  



Last  year  at  Wedgwood pram  day  was a  real  eye-opener,  so many  beautiful  prams  and lovely people.   I just met  and talked  to  many ladies (and  gentlemen)  who love  the   'Old time prams'  and I  felt   as  if  I  knew them  all.  I  put  names  to faces  of the ladies  I had  conversed with on Facebook  too.   There  were   so many  different makes  and  styles  of prams  it was  amazing.   And  inside.... a  wealth  of  pram  related stuff  at  affordable  prices.   There was history  to read,  advice to be had,   so  much knowledge  you could  not  fail to be impressed.  I am really  excited  about  this year's  events.....Can't   wait,   see  you there.




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